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WEIGHT LOSS “Not only did I lose weight from the Hypnotherapy – I am also still healthy minded. I am still catching myself (when choosing food), stopping, then making better decisions about what I’m going to eat – or taking a long way home to walk – or things like that. It helped me lose weight, and I’m able to keep the weight off, and also get healthier. I’m really happy about that part. I really needed this extra something to help me get the willpower to lose weight. The Hypnotherapy really did it! Thank you, again, Kay!”
-– Rachel S., Novato CA(testimonial given the Hypnotherapy is still working, even five months after the sessions)

RELATIONSHIPS / SELF-WORTH “Kay, after today’s session, I felt a zillion times better. I just feel like everything is really great.” — Lauren, San Francisco CA (after her 4th session, feeling the cumulative effects of 4-sessions)

WORK PRODUCTIVITY / BUSINESS SUCCESS “I went to Kay for hypnotherapy in hopes of being more structured with my work time. I had started another company and was having to really be more conscious of how I was spending my time. I had the recommended number of office visits with Kay. To my amazement, it helped a lot. Kay said that it could continue to improve. I did not understand that (at the time), however months later I realized that I had continue to improve on my time management without really focusing on it at all. I am very happy with the results I got with Kay and would highly recommend her services. It was a comfortable experience and I find her to be both professional and also very intuitive.” — Cindy, Santa Rosa CA

MANIFESTING RELATIONSHIPS “I really enjoyed my hypnotherapy session with Kay. She explained every step of the process before we even began so there was no mystery. Her soothing voice was very relaxing and her methodical process helped clarify my issues for me. I recommend it!” — Chris H., Corte Madera CA

BUSINESS EXPANSION / FINANCIAL SUCCESS “Kay is such a wonderful hypnotherapist. She helped demystify hypnotherapy, and helped me to get in touch with my deepest hurts that have been holding me back (from reaching my goals). I have done a great deal of self healing work, including talk therapy and meditation, and was able to reach a whole new level of healing while meeting with Kay. I would highly recommend her, and already have referred friends and family to Kay for hypnotherapy.” — Pat, Palo Alto CA

OVERCOMING PUBLIC SPEAKING FEAR “Kay used hypnotherapy to reconnect me with my core strength and feel more rooted in myself. Hypnotherapy has helped me stop obsessing on the negative and focus on what I want from life. I now know that I can quiet my mind to help myself. I would like to work with Kay more in the future.” — Deb, Novato CA

“During our session, Kay Fahlstrom guided me with the utmost care and professionalism. She has a natural gift for making people feel comfortable and made me feel at ease from start to finish. Her work has had an incredible impact on my life; as someone who has struggled with eczema, I awoke the morning after my session with my skin 50% clearer. In the following weeks, I am nearly eczema-free for the first time in 17 years. I cannot recommend Kay highly enough as she is a true healer.”
— Sarah M., Danville CA