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Contact Info     415-420-4994

Please use the “Book Sessions” page to request sessions with Kay Fahlstrom CHT for either Hypnotherapy or Past-life Regressions**.  Most clients come to Hypnotherapy to work on an issue (while some people do want just the Past-life Regression session… call Kay if questions). For fastest scheduling, please CALL 415-420-4994 with days of week* and timeframes that work for you (along with the issue you’d like to address, if you know), and/or fill in the form below and click “Send” near bottom. You will hear back by phone. Thank you.

* San Rafael CA sessions available on Tues, Weds, or Thursdays. South Bay CA (near Cupertino) sessions available on Mondays & selected Fridays.

**Past-life Regressions must be done in person.

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