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Welcome!  Thank you for requesting a session using the “Book a Session” form HERE to make your request.

New Clients:

After I receive your request form, I will contact you to find a mutually agreeable date and time. Then, I’ll direct you to this “Payments” page to make your payment.  Please fill out the form below to pay for the session that you requested.   Gift Certificates or Multiple Services:  This form below allows you to choose more than one session, so feel free to choose a “gift session” for a friend or relative, or sign up for both a reading, then a coaching session.  I look forward to speaking with you.  Please note:  all PHONE readings require payment 48 hours (or more) before the reading is held to save your appointment date/time.  If payment is not received by 48 hours prior, your appointment will be rescheduled for after your payment.  Thank you.

Returning Clients:

Welcome back!  You can use this form to pay for your session in one step if you like.  If you’d prefer, you can instead do this in two steps as noted above under “New Clients”.  Thank you.

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    Disclaimer  By scheduling and paying for your session you have read, understand, and agree that the messages you receive during the session are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from:  a licensed medical, psychological, legal, financial, or other applicable, professional. The certified hypnotherapist, Kay Fahlstrom, provides no guarantee, or implied warranties, and is not responsible for any interpretations, decisions made, or actions taken, by a client, or clients (whether the session is for the person paying, or is for another client the paying person buys the session for as a gift).