Hypnotherapy Bay Area

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Contact Info     415-420-4994

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Sessions are by appointment only — after initial phone call.

Office locations vary by day of week, and the address will be given after sessions are scheduled. Please specify WHICH city location you are interested in (after seeing days of the week available there below). Call Kay at 415-420-4994 to discuss the issue you want to address, or to explore it if you aren’t sure of the exact issue (see more below under “To schedule a session…”). Kay looks forward to hearing from you.

San Rafael, CA:

(Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays – 2 locations in San Rafael). Session times: call for scheduling options, and note good days and time ranges for you (for example, “I can attend Tues., Weds. & Thurs. between noon-7pm.”).

South Bay area/near Cupertino, CA:

(Mondays & selected Fridays). After you schedule, you will be given the office location. South Bay days available are Mondays (& selected Fridays every other week) at 9-10:10am, 10:20-11:30am, 1:45-3pm, or 3:30-4:45.

Or SKYPE for Clients Outside Northern California:

If you live outside Northern California, Kay can use Skype to do the Hypnotherapy sessions with you (not appropriate for Past-life Regression sessions, which must be done in person).

To schedule a session, call Kay Fahlstrom today:

at 415-420-4994 and list whether you want to meet for sessions at the San Rafael or South Bay (near Cupertino), California office location. Please also list several times available that she can call you back for a brief (10-15 minute) complimentary consultation on the issue you would like to address. Call Kay today at 415-420-4994.

Please note that sessions book a few weeks out, so thank you for letting Kay know what days and time ranges would work for you (for example, “I can meet Tues., Weds. & Thurs. from noon-7pm.”), and she’ll contact you with the first dates available. Scheduled sessions may last 60 to 75 minutes (or anywhere in between).