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Kay Fahlstrom, Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT), offers two types of sessions listed below. For your convenience, see the office locations page. Sessions will be scheduled after the initial call. While Hypnotherapy can help with many presenting issues, there may be some issues that require a suggested referral to another type of service.

Hypnotherapy Sessions 

Hypnotherapy sessions for an issue you would like to overcome, such as weight loss, increasing self-esteem to help manifest more in your life, fear of public speaking, or many other issues. Hypnotherapy requires a certain number of sessions depending on the presenting issue. Call Kay for more information.

Past-Life Regression

Hypnosis as a way to explore whether the origin of an issue may have come, in part, from a time before this lifetime. Most clients attend Hypnotherapy sessions to address a presenting issue, however Kay Fahlstrom offers this service in addition.

Past-life regression sessions may be longer (between 75 minutes and up to, possibly, two hours.)